Friday, February 23, 2007

Joining the Ranks

I really enjoy reading the blogs of guys like Chris Tilling, Mark Goodacre, Brandon Wason, etc, so I figured I'd start my own. Not because I think I'm nearly as clever as any of them (Tilling's views on Church Discipline still make me laugh daily), but because those guys are all well-established in their studies (in various degrees) and I've not seen any blogs that are from the perspective of someone just starting out.

A bit about me:

I'm 22 and I'm a Junior at Southeastern College at Wake Forest (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's undergraduate program). I'm a double major in Biblical Studies and History of Ideas. I'm a member of SBL (since last year) and I'm hoping to attend some conferences, perhaps even write a paper or two.

I was a thoroughgoing Atheist until I was 16. How I became a Christian is perhaps a post for another time (if anyone's interested). I bounced around the idea of being a music major for awhile and then decided that Southeastern is where I wanted to go to study Christianity. I will admit that at times, it all seems impossible. Granted, I've only been studying Christianity for about 3 years, but it seems that there is an impossible amount of information to be assimilated. I suppose this is why Aquinas calls Theology the "queen of the sciences".

I'm planning on pursuing a Masters and a Ph.D in New Testament, but if I don't get into a good graduate school, I'm considering starting one of those crazy backwoods churches where I just scream at everyone.

I'm particularly interested in NT Textual Criticism (who isn't these days?), particularly in the Synoptic problem and the "Q" Hypothesis. I'm also interested in the Gospel of Thomas and its familiarity (or lack thereof) with Tatian's Diatessaron and the Syriac NT.

So here's my underlying question: Is anyone even interested? Is anyone interested in reading the musings of a Southern Baptist kid who has a secret love of high church and tradition? Is anyone interested in my ill-informed conclusions and sophomoric thoughts?


Chris Tilling said...

Welcome to blogdom!

Do you plan to blog regularly?

Chris Tilling said...

Oh, and thanks for the kind mention!

Josh McManaway said...

Do you plan to blog regularly?

Absolutely! As much as time allows and if I have anything to say which is even remotely interesting.

Brandon said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and for everyone's sake, I hope you get into a good grad school--we have enough of those crazy backwoods churches already.

Josh McManaway said...

I know, but just think the fun I could have with seeing exactly for what I can get an "Amen".

"And Jesus and Moses shot down the Roman Infantry with their mighty arrows while Paul and Noah took out their Navy on Pentecost."


Jim said...

Welcome indeed. I've added your blog to the Biblioblog webpage.

Again, welcome!

Chris Tilling said...

Don't let that Jim West lead you astray, Josh ...

Sean Winter said...

Hi Josh
Welcome and thanks for listing me on your blogroll. However, I am afraid I am messing things up by moving over to a new site"

Best wishes for your ongoing studies


Chris Weimer said...

Welcome to the blogdom! I saw your blog via the venerable Tilling. Just thought to let you know that you're not the only undergrad in the academic blogging world.

Chris Weimer

Clifford B. Kvidahl said...

Just wanted to say hi, and welcome. Sorry this is a little late. I am like you an undergrad student who likes textual criticism and wants to get a Ph.D in New Testament. Hope to be able to interact with you in the future.


Josh McManaway said...


Thanks for stopping by!



Same to you! Best of luck!

Daemonic Faerie said...

hey. uh i am a really new blogger and i dont know seeing as this is ur first blog and u have being blogging for a while if u will bother to look at this comment, but i notice that u said u were a through and through athesist until u were 16 (or something like that) and i wondered what turned u to God. I'm a lil confused as to whether i believe or not, so if u could just i dunno, come and look at my blog i would apprecriate it.