Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Christian Servants

To Josh

Stanley Hauerwas

Yep, that's what the inside cover of my copy of "Unleashing the Scripture : Freeing the Bible from Captivity to America" has on it now. After last night's God Talk roundtable discussion, Dr. Hauerwas was generous enough to sign my copy of his book. What really made me excited is what he said and how he said it. Instead of "Yeah sure" or "Why not", he said with genuine enthusiasm "I'd love to!" It really impressed me that Dr. Hauerwas, who is such a big dog in the theological world, was genuinely excited that I'm reading his book and wanted to sign it.

I told him I'm a student at Southeastern and he asked me if I was interested in coming to Duke Divinity. I told him I actually have a meeting this month with Dr. Joel Marcus to discuss the Ph.D in New Testament at Duke. Again, he seemed delighted. I told him that I also thought of applying to the Div school as well and just seeing where God leads me.

Overall, Duke has impressed me leaps and bounds. Whereas it's sometimes played up as the ultimate evil by Southeasterners (professors and students alike) for being "liberal", their faculty has been nothing but amazingly Christ-like in my experience. For example, I emailed Dr. Mark Goodacre after reading his book "The Case Against Q" and asked him if he'd like to have coffee one day and discuss his book (among other things). Much to my surprise, within a few days he emailed me back and agreed. Dr. Marcus was equally amicable when I asked him (after his debate with Gary Habermas from Liberty on the resurrection) to lunch. The unfortunate thing is, I've been turned down without a reason by two Southeastern professors when I requested to take them to lunch (my treat, as is my policy when having lunch with professors). Mind you, they aren't all like that. We have some great professors here (Dr. Brad Reynolds, Dr. C. Ivan Spencer, and Dr. Tracy Mckenzie, amongst others, are shining examples of how professors should be). I just think it's sad that sometimes my school writes off servants of Christ, truly Christlike men, as "liberal" when they themselves can't seem to follow the life that Jesus told us to live.


Chris Tilling said...

"my treat, as is my policy when having lunch with professors"

How about when it is just jumped up research students ...? ;-)

Anariel said...

Hey. :)

I found your blog through Tilling's.
It's cool to see a NT student blogging...:) (I'm a student too, though just a freshman...and my main blog is rather un-academic...)

Anyway, I shall bookmark your site and stop by when doing my bi-daily blog reading.

Josh McManaway said...


Thanks for stopping by! I'll try not to disappoint.