Friday, April 13, 2007

Yet Another Blog Added To The Blogroll : Kata Ta Biblia

While waiting for the conference to kick off I realized that yet another one of my favorite blogs isn't on my blogroll. Patrick George McCullough is its author and its name is Kata Ta Biblia (according to the Bible, in Greek). Certainly check it out. I really like Patrick's blog and his love of all things Anabaptist.

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Patrick George McCullough said...

Thanks for the props, Josh. You da man. BTW, you can call me Pat. Or better yet: Masta Gansta Pat MC, yo, since I'm using my street talk. Right back at cha, holmes. Your blog's off the chingey, bro. Shoot. For real. Respect.

... I've been watching Da Ali G Show lately, go figure.