Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Tonight I'm going to go see a debate between Dr. Adam English (Prof. of Theology and Philosophy, Campbell University) and Christopher Hitchens, author of God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I'm very excited. Having read a bit of Mr. Hitchens' book, I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful degree program at Southeastern (History of Ideas) as it affords me the opportunity to read the 'greats' like Nietzsche, Kant, Marx, etc. Not quite what you'd expect from a Southern Baptist school, but there you have it. If there's an opportunity to ask questions tonight, mine will be: "What do you bring to the table that hasn't already been said?" My one main critique of Hitchens is that there is nothing new in his book. It's...boring. It's the same old arguments, rehashed and watered down with some witty writing and a few zingers. That's it.

If you're interested in attending, the debate is being held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Raleigh at 7pm. www.uufr.org I believe is the website.

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Hitchens talking about Falwell on TV: