Thursday, June 21, 2007

Book Finds

After a day of having to be a grown-up and run errands, give people money, etc (which always stinks...being grown), I decided to stop in to a local used book store and see what they have. I normally don't buy books from used book stores because they either have no books that I want to read (we have one right down the road from school that sells all the romance novels you can handle.....and that's about it) or they're too expensive (like Stephen's in Raleigh, which has amazing theology books...but they're all overpriced). Well, Edward McKay's Used Books in Raleigh proved me wrong. I walked out of there with 4 books and only spent 24 dollars.

They are:

Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary, Hebrew-English: $6

Seeing as how I'm taking Hebrew next semester, I figured this little joker could come in handy.

German Grammar - Eric V. Greenfield: $3

I'm trying to teach myself German and I've already done a little work out of another book, but I figure the more the merrier.

Harper Collins German Dictionary: $3

To go with the above book.

The Interlinear NIV: New Testament in Greek and English: $12

This is my best find. It normally sells for $40 and it's barely even used. I have a UBS 4th edition that I use for Greek class and sometimes church (if I bring only my Greek NT, it will inevitably be a sermon out of the Old Testament). I don't own an interlinear and I figured for 12 bucks I might as well.

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