Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Graduate Schools: An Update

After doing a little research, writing some emails, etc, I've got a working list composed of various Graduate schools to which I'll be applying (if anyone's interested).

They are, in no particular order:
1) Duke
2) UNC
3) Trinity Evangelical
4) Wheaton
5) Boston College
6) Baylor
7) (Possibly) University of Chicago
8) Harvard Community Technical College Online for an MA in Crazy Street Preachery

If you have any other suggestions (with the two criteria below in mind), please feel free to post them. Also, if you're the chair of a religion department and you're thinking to yourself, "This kid's got it! We should fund his entire graduate education." Well, sir, you just feel free to email me directly.


Stephen C. Carlson said...

I'd like to hear more about your no. 8 school. Sounds wacky.

Michael Pahl said...

Hi, Josh. Since you have TEDS and Wheaton on there, I'm a little surprised you don't have Fuller. There are some good people in NT there.

Josh McManaway said...


I looked at Fuller, but their MA in Biblical Studies is 96 hours! After double-majoring and minoring, I'm not prepared to do a 96 hour Masters.

Josh McManaway said...

Stephen - It's an exciting program. I've looked over some of the class offerings and...well, I'm impressed:

Mean For Jesus - How to hate entire demographics of people indescriminately for the Lord!

Shouting Rhetoric - If you're going to shout, might as well stand out. This course emphasizes the importance of the loudness of an argument.

Style And Fashion in the Pulpit - Does your grandfather have any of his dad's suits? Dig em up! We'll show you how to look the part of the crazy street preacher.

Bible Handling I - How to hold your Bible while yelling.

Bible Handling II: The Bible as a weapon - Don't be afraid to conk someone on the noggin' or throw this joker. God made it thick for a reason!

Christian Theology - Class cancelled due to low enrollment.

Heretics - Learn what those who oppose you really are: dirty liberal heretics who are going straight to hell.

So yeah, overall, I'm really excited about the prospect of attending the prestigious Harvard Technical Community College Online.

Patrick George McCullough said...

Josh, you've got a good point when it comes to requirements at Fuller. Each class is four units and people generally take three 4-unit courses every quarter. But you have to charge through two FULL years: eight quarters, including Summers. The quarter system is my biggest gripe about studying at Fuller. Still glad I'm here, though.

I would add Princeton Theological Seminary to your list, along with Emory, Notre Dame, and perhaps Yale. Have you looked at Union-PSCE in Virginia? I don't know how their funding is, but I understand they have a solid program.

On Wheaton and TEDS: I don't know about you, but one of my basic requirements for any faith-associated school is that it does not hold to inerrancy (particularly since I'm interested in biblical studies). Both Wheaton and TEDS hold to inerrancy and are quite conservative. In addition to my personal feelings against the fallacies of inerrancy, my understanding is that any school that conservative on your CV will bring up questions later in your career if you want to teach at a secular university.

Josh McManaway said...

Patrick - As far as TEDS goes, Dr. Goodacre said that some of the graduates from there have come out pretty well-prepared for studies at Duke. I emailed Yale and was pretty much told "Fat chance." I have looked at Princeton Theological, but...something I'd really like is the chance to TA while doing an MA. PTS just doesn't offer that (since there's no undergrad program). I've heard Notre Dame is just as hard to get into as Duke. Perhaps I should still apply there, though, just in case. And I've not checked out the school in VA, but I certainly will.

Patrick George McCullough said...

Actually, we have a recent addition to the Fuller NT faculty (Love Sechrest) who went from TEDS to a Duke PhD in NT studies, and just finished. Perhaps you could get in contact with her about that. My impression is that TEDS will equip you with the skills of exegesis, but I just disagree with their perspective on interpretation.

On PTS: did you talk to anyone about TAing? For example, there are plenty of masters students who TA at Fuller and we don't have an undergrad program. If you stand out and inquire, you can be a TA... especially for Greek. I had one chance to TA in philosophy, but turned it down (too far afield for me... and I'm too busy). It's worth asking. I think PTS would be a good place for you.

Patrick George McCullough said...

Oh yeah, and you might also be interested in Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Especially with Frank Matera there. I don't know how much Fitzmyer teaches anymore, but at least he's there.

I went to a session at last year's SBL conference where different schools shared about their doctoral program (particularly in NT). I blogged about it and you might find it interesting: SBL 3: “Where do you want to study?”.

Brandon W. said...

You should come to Candler School of Theology at Emory University, which has a very strong NT department. That said, I am a little biased though.

Josh McManaway said...

I requested some information from Emory. Taking classes with Dr. Johnson would be pretty neat.

Brandon W. said...

You'd need to study in the Theology school, since the PhD program doesn't admit students without a Master's, but as far as NT profs, Candler sits pretty; in addition to LTJ, you have Carl Holladay, Gail O'Day, Walter Wilson, Steven Kraftchick, and Michael Joseph Brown. I don't know all of what you are considering for your Master's degree, but I think that Candler meets your two criteria (if you do an MDiv rather than the MTS there is even more funding available, but who wants to do an MDiv?). Of course, you'll choose a school that fits you best, but if you questions about Emory, or want to visit, let me know.

Josh McManaway said...

Thanks a ton, Brandon. I may just take you up on asking some questions. And yeah, who wants to do an M.Div? Buncha spiritual hippies, that's who.