Sunday, June 24, 2007

History Channel's Banned from the Bible 2

I had to rewrite this post as I accidentally erased it. Oops. At any rate, I was watching History Channel the other night and they had their show on about books that were "banned" from the Bible. They said something that caught my attention. As the narrator was discussing Acts 8 and the account of Simon Magus, he said that he asked to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit, Peter rebuked him, then he repented, got baptized and that's the end of the story.

That's not the end of the story. The end is at 8:24 where Simon asks Peter to pray so that nothing bad will happen to him.

But Simon answered and said, "Pray to the Lord for me yourselves, so that nothing of what you have said may come upon me."
Acts 8:24 (NASB)

As someone has commented below, 8:13 does say that he was baptized (I mispoke in my earlier post). However, he wasn't repentant. Notice that Peter tells Simon to pray for himself, and Simon responds by asking Peter to pray for him. Simon was only concerned with the punishment, not the sin itself.

So when the history channel makes Simon's baptizing the end of the story, they muddle things up a bit. He was baptized and then later is shown to be a false Christian.


Machiavelli said...

I've seen that show. It's decent. History Channel does have a tendency to have a quirky and completely wrong mistakes.

GLW said...

ο δε Σιμων και αυτος επιστευσεν και βαπτισθεις ην προσκαρτερων τωι Φιλιππωι, κτλ. (Πραξεις 8.13)

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,

I was aware of the connection but I have never actually heard Death Cab for Cutie. I'll have to get around to it.

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