Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dove Books

I get this little email deal from Dove Books from time to time. One thing they do is sell the libraries of various scholars. Apparently E.P. Sanders has put up some of his books on the site! So, last night I bought one of the books in his library (I have no idea what it is, something on New Testament studies). How exciting to get to own something that someone like E.P. Sanders owned and used.

I do love books.


sbhebert said...

Sanders' stuff has been up there for a while. A friend of mine ordered some from his collection last summer. When they arrived, there were handwritten notes not only on the pages, but also on scraps of paper that fell out. Maybe you could end up with a Sanders family shopping list from 1978!

Josh McManaway said...

No kidding! I wonder what kind of treasures this book will hold. Grocery lists, finished games of hang-man or tic-tac-toe, stick figure doodles. One can only hope.