Sunday, September 9, 2007

New blogs and German

So as I was visiting this new blog, which I found out about through both Jim West and Chris Tilling, I was reminded of how bad my German is. In fact, let me restate that...I was reminded of how non-existent my ability to read German is. Last semester I started buying German grammar books and over the summer my mother got me a copy of Hoffnung fur Alle while in Germany. Well, I've realized: I stink at languages on my own! Granted, I've not been as diligent as I should have been, but I really think I would do a lot better if I took a class....or....went to Germany and lived there. Perhaps I could pull a Ted Haggard and beg? No, I don't think so.

Oh well. At any rate, go and check out this chap's blog.


Jim said...

Get a copy of Die Zürcher Bibel and read it.

Josh McManaway said...

Would that be any different than my Hoffnung Fur Alle translation?

Phil Sumpter said...

It's the Reformed equivalent of the Lutherbibel (I have a funky one in Gothic script!). Hoffnung für Alle is the German equivalent of The Good News Bible, i.e. a paraphase. Those in Germany who like it literal but modern often read the Elberfelder, though it's been accused of being a stiff.

I've just discovered Technorati thanks to the kind advice of Vox Stefani, so know I can track down responses to my blog! Where would I be without helpful people?

Phil Sumpter said...

I meant, the Elberfelder's been accused of being a bit stiff. I dead Bible would be no use at all!