Monday, July 14, 2008

A Greek Question

I was reviewing some Greek tonight and I've come across something I can't figure out : how do you write the imperfect of αμαρτανω? The issue is that the verb has both a first aorist and second aorist and the second aorist seems as if it would be the exact same as the imperfect (the 2nd aorist being ημαρτον).


Anonymous said...


I came across Your post:

hemarton is aorist (II);
hemartanon is imperfect;
cf. eg. Wisdom 12,11(LXX), where
the continual aspect of "sinning"
is stressed;

hope this helps,

Alan Knox said...

I think the commenter above is correct:

Present - ἁμαρτάνω
Aorist - ἡμάρτησα / ἡμαρτον
Imperfect - ἡμαρτάνον


Josh McManaway said...

I see now! The 2nd aorist changes the stem - I didn't even notice. I guess I was saying it aloud and it sounded alike that I didn't notice. Thanks guys!

Bill said...

the imperfect of αμαρτανω

Oh, how can nobody mention the irony!? ;)

Josh McManaway said...

10 pts to Bill for the Greek joke.