Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A personalized message to you, from God

I learned about the Personal Promise Bible through Scotteriology. I think this is a fine example of how our Enlightenment-fueled hyper-individualistic philosophy ruins theology. This is the logical conclusion of the "me and Jesus" ideology that pervades modern Christianity. Nevermind the communal nature of these texts. Take a text written for communities of people, take out the 2nd person plural pronouns and insert your name. St. Paul really was writing to you - it's in the Bible, after all.

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Nathan Brasfield said...

Wow..Christians are already too unaware of the proper methods to interpret the biblical text and arrive at potentially correct meaning. This thing just offers no incentive at all to figure out anything about original contexts or anything of the sort, at least in those passages where the Bible is written directly to someone. I guess it's safe to assume that such places as the herem passages of the OT do not mention "me."

Good to see you posting a bit, Josh. I check in quite often. Satisfy me. That's it for now.