Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pope's Cologne

Although this has already been pointed out on other blogs, the comments on this blog are hilarious. Can Bibliobloggers come up with better captions?

"Frankensensantional" is easily my favorite thus far.


Fred Hass said...

I make The Pope's Cologne from the private formula of Pius IX. It is an aristocratic, Old World cologne with surprising freshness. It isn't some joke like "Pope on a Rope". It provides an interesting look into the mid 19th century, a very important time in the history of the Church.
At first I thought it strange that a pope would be wearing cologne but in my research, I found that it was very fashionable at the time for aristocrats to have their own perfumers compose colognes for them. And Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti was an aristocrat.
It is really a nice aftershave and my three sons and I all wear it.
I hope some of you readers may be able to enjoy it.
I would also point out that it is available online at our website
Shipping is FREE and there is a FREE newsletter in addition to interesting images of Blessed Pius IX.

Fred Hass

Josh McManaway said...

Fred, that was terribly unfunny - we're trying to top "Frankensensational" and that's all you give me?

C - (and I'm feeling generous)

Doug Chaplin said...

Calvin Nein

Esteban Vázquez said...

Haha! Fred Hass hit you up too! He posted his apologia also at Jim's blog; I just find it funny that he keeps googling The Pope's Cologne. ;-)