Thursday, October 30, 2008

Biblioblogger Get Together at SBL?

I know there's quite a few Bibliobloggers, so it's impossible to get everyone together...nor do I imagine that everyone would want to be in the same room. But, is there any kind of annual get-together at SBL amongst bloggers?


T. Michael W. Halcomb said...

there was last year. i'm not sure about this year but if nobody has set anything up,l perhaps we can try.

Brandon said...

Last year was insane! I think the person to talk to is Christian Brady (, who was the mastermind behind last year's get-together.

Jim said...

we had discusses with fortress press the possibility of their hosting a reception. then along came news that i would have to miss boston to participate in a denominational meeting so the baton was passed.

sadly nothing ever came of the fortress talks and so far as i know, no other discussions or plans have been pursued.

things will be different in new orleans. i've already blocked off my calendar and the only thing that will keep me away is divine providence.

Douglas Mangum said...

I'll be there at SBL and I'd come if there was such a reception/informal gathering/meeting of the minds.