Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A German Muslim Theologian on Muhammad's existence

Although my interests are in Christianity, I find Islam fascinating because of its intersection with Christianity in history and in thought. A professor at the Munster University who himself is a convert to Islam, Muhammad Sven Kalisch has gone into historical Muhammad research (I wonder if this trend is going to pick up? Historical Alexander the Great Research, Historical Atilla the Hun research, etc). He is Germany's first professor of Islamic Theology and he is causing quite the stir with his assertion that it is unlikely that Muhammad existed. Read the article here.


Tim A. Troutman said...

Maybe all the German theologians who've been ruining Christian scholarship for the last 100 years will go over to Islam and ruin their scholarship! Woohoo!

(Tongue in cheek)

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, Ph.D said...

Prof. Sven Kalisch is an arch-liar and his research is egregious lie. He is apostate, reprobate and cursed person.

PROF. DR. R. Y. JALALI, Ph.D said...

O, True Muslims, where are you? O, Lovers of HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALLA’HO ALAI’HI VA SAL’LAM), where are you busy?

Listen to me, if you are alive. I would tell you very easy way to heavens.

Prof. Sven Kalisch is saucy, apostate and reprobate. Any Muslim brother or sister, who has potentiality to reach him, should kill him as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

"Allah alone is the Judge" People advocating killing in the name of prophet is tarnishing him and his ideology of coexistence and natural intelligence. So instead study the history of Islam and prove that he really existed.