Friday, November 21, 2008

In Boston at SBL

So I arrived in Boston around noon today. I was fortunate to meet two Ph.D students from Duke at RDU and had a seat next to one of them on the way to Boston. I was happy I got to chat with someone about SBL, New Testament, etc etc on the way up there. When we arrived at the airport, we didn't take the route I wrote out earlier - but I eventually made it to my hotel.

Lessons Learned thus far:

Room 2003 is on the 20th floor, not the 2nd (if you saw someone walking around the 2nd floor of the Hilton muttering explicatives under his breath...mea culpa. I've never been in a hotel this big).

The Book exhibit is like Christmas on steroids. I didn't really have anything to do this afternoon except for Mass at 4:15, so I basically spent the whole time wandering around while the exhibitors put up their books. I think they were getting suspicious...

Leave yourself plenty of time to get anywhere - buildings/roads/people in the North don't make sense.

To resist the urge to buy every book I've seen, I'm writing out a list of books that I think would be useful to my studies. I always justify books as being "tools", but there's no sense in buying a blowtorch if you're a carpenter (or maybe there is - I'm not a carpenter...and if that analogy fails, I think it means I can buy whatever books I want).

Also, last I heard from Michael Halcomb - he's stuck in an airport (I think Philly). The poor guy's plane has been delayed all day. Pray for him that he'll get here in time for the IBR reception.

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