Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two blogs that I think deserve praise

There are, of course, more than two blogs that deserve praise, but these are two that I just can't get enough of. They are:

ἐν ἐφέσῳ - I feel smarter just reading Mike's blog. If I had a tenth of a percent of Mike's knowledge of Greek, I think I'd be doing just fine. I'm trying to read through his posts to get a better feel on the whole "aspect/tense" issue with Greek. If you don't already read this blog, get over there!

Pisteuomen - For one, the guy has a cool name - T. Michael W. Halcomb. Most Biblical scholars have only got a puny two initials to shorten (D.A., F.F., etc) - not this guy. He's got a whole slew of names to chose from. Secondly, his website is decked out. Third - he creates some really cool software modules for Greek, German, Hebrew, and Aramaic. And Fourth - he has blogged about the Gospel of Mark more than anyone, I think.


mike said...

Maybe that's a bit hyperbolic. I think its more that I've gone through more "unorthodox" paths in my Greek studies than me simply knowing that much, but thank you for the praise.

Josh McManaway said...

This isn't just gushing, but I'm honestly impressed by the stuff you're writing on your blog this early in your academic career.

mike said...

Thanks Josh, I appreciate it. Hopefully it will continue.

T. Michael W. Halcomb said...

Thanks a lot for the friendly words bro, I'm glad you're liking Pisteuomen (and the modules I've created, which, I hope to make more of in the near future!).

Look forward to meeting you at SBL.