Friday, January 9, 2009

The Guild of Biblical Minimalists may lock me up...

Indeed, this semester I'm taking a class on Archaeology of the New Testament world. My professor is Dr. Laura Mazow whose doktorvater was none other guessed it....William Dever. Soon, I too will be asking questions like, "Did God have a Cousin Whom He Refused to Talk to at Parties?" I hope the guild won't think less of me.

I'm actually very much looking forward to the class as I'm painfully unaware of archaeology and its relation to NT studies.

I'm also taking a class with Dr. Jonathan Reid who did his doctoral work under Heiko Oberman. Oberman's book, "Luther: Man Between God and the Devil" is very informative.


andrewbourne said...

I think taking such a course debars you ever joining the Guild but as I only a student I am sure it will be discussed at the next meeting. If you enjoyed the Oberman book you would probably enjoy his other work which shows how the rise of Nominalism led the way for the Reformation

Josh McManaway said...

Andrew: On Nominalism: Bouyer's "Spirit and Forms of Protestantism" and Karl Adam's "Roots of the Reformation" are both great books on that. I wanted to write a book titled, "How Occam Screwed the West" but I just don't think it would sell very well.