Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Battle for the Ark: Price vs. McManaway

You may have heard of this Randall Price fellow from Liberty University going off to Turkey in search for the Ark. In light of all of his publicity, I have decided to disclose my plans for my own search right here on my blog. That's right: I'm going to find Deucalion's Ark!!!

Lucian of Samasota told me I could find it near Hierapolis. The story is recounted in De Dea Syria:

This race, the men of the present time, was not the first. As for the previous race, all in it perished. These current men are of the second race, which multiplied again from Deucalion. Concernnig those earlier men they say the following. They were extremely violent and committed to lawless deeds, for they neither kept oaths nor welcomed strangers nor spared suppliants. As punishment for these offenses the great disaster came upon them. Suddenly the earth poured forth a flood of water. Heavy rains fell, rivers rushed down in torrents, and the sea rose on high, until everything became water, and all the people perished. Decalion alone among men was left for the second race beacause of his prudence and piety...He embarked his wives into a great ark which he possessed and he himself went in.

Can you say jackpot? So...all I need is 100,000 dollars and I'll be on my merry way. Any takers?
Jim West tells us of yet another archaeological find in the works. I'm not discouraged, though. I'm actually a very successful anagramatologist and I will be responding to this work in Peru very soon.


Esteban Vázquez said...

How didn't *I* think of this before?! It's so obvious! Can I please join your expedition?

Josh McManaway said...

Of course! We could definitely use you. What would you like as your official title when History Channel comes to interview us?

Anonymous said...

Deucalion is the alternate spelling of "Noah", obviously. It's that pesky Erasmian pronunciation that confuses people.

Chuck Grantham

Esteban Vázquez said...

Oh yay! Let's see--I want to be Chief Archeological Consultor and Deputy Curator. Those are things I have absolutely ***no*** credentials for.

Josh McManaway said...

On this project, no credentials is how we prefer it.