Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preparing for graduate work: The GRE

First - I apologize for the lack of New Testament related material here. My academic interests have ventured into the lands of Patristics/Early Christian History and I just can't pull myself away. Paul is exciting, but Paul through the eyes of Chrysostom is even more exciting for me. However, this week I will receive news if I won a grant to do some research - if I receive the grant, you can bet I'll be running some of this research by you out there in bloggerland.

Also, in exciting news - for any of you classicists out there, you may know of Peter Green, an Emeritus Professor at University of Texas Austin and now adjunct at U of Iowa. Every once in awhile he comes to ECU to teach a class or two (this semester is a class on Catullus). After hearing about our Ancient Greek Reading Group that meets every other wednesday, he asked if he could join in. We were going to read the Martyrdom of Polycarp, but since Dr. Green is joining us, we're going to be reading Homer. Half of me is excited about having him there to help us out, the other (sane) half of me is terrified of butchering the Greek language in front of him.

So, on to less good news: On top of stressing about the fact that I feel I don't read enough, I'm worried about the GRE. I will be taking it sometime this summer/early fall. I'm not overly worried about the verbal side of things, but math scares me. Considering most of you Biblioblogger types probably left math classes behind in your freshman or sophomore year of college, how did you prepare for the GRE? I have Barron's book, but are there any others that are great for math?


Josh McManaway said...

From the lack of comments, either everyone has stopped reading the blog or you all cheated on the math portion of the GRE and don't want to admit it.

James Pate said...

If memory serves me correctly, the GRE math section only went as high as Algebra II. But I took it seven years ago.

GRE Exam said...

Preparing for GRE Math shouldnt be a huge task, if you know the areas within Maths you are not doing well.

It requires time and effort to improve math formulas. But, its possible to score more than 750 with 3 months of prep.