Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Blogs added to the Blogroll

Neither blog is "new", but new to my blogroll. One is John Anderson's "Hesed we 'emet" (which I believe is: steadfast love/loyalty and faithfulness). John is a Ph.D student at Baylor working in Biblical studies, focusing on Hebrew Bible. His "blog" (though he has just switched to Wordpress*) is very interesting.

The other blog is by my friend, Danny Garland. Danny is a recent graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville with an MA in Theology (2008). He teaches theology at a Catholic high school up North. Danny and I lived together when I was up north. He's an exceptionally nice guy and was actually my sponsor when I came into the Church (being a convert himself). His blog is "Irish Catholic and Dangerous" - he is both.

*I've seen several people lately make the switch to Wordpress. Should I? Is there something amazing about Wordpress that I'm missing out on?


Nick Norelli said...

You should switch, and yes, you're missing out on better commenting features and on better interconnectivity between blogs. WP blogs are great at 'talking to each other.' You can keep track of your comments on other WP blogs from the dashboard in your blog. You're also missing out on better templates and most likely more traffic. Make the move!

John Anderson said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I am also pleased that my blog is "interesting." I'm going to assume that is a compliment. Thoughts?

Josh McManaway said...

Interesting always means "good" here.

John Anderson said...

Oh, good in parenthesis, huh? I see how it is! kidding.

Good to hear. If that wasn't the case I'd have told you all the Ph.D. advice I shared via email was "just a joke."

Do keep me posted on how that process is going. Perhaps you saw, but I have a post on my blog about my advice to those applying to Ph.D. programs.

Edward Pothier said...

The blog of your friend, Danny Garland, is entitled "Irish, Catholic and Dangerous" so I assume you think he is all three, not just the "both" of "Irish Catholic and Dangerous".

Josh McManaway said...


You caught me - I was putting "Irish Catholic" together, but you're right. Mea culpa.