Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fr. Jon Sobrino censured by the Vatican

The Vatican has decided to censure Fr. Jon Sobrino. You can find the details in this article.

Fr. Sobrino is one of the leading minds of Liberation Theology. LT, in my opinion, is a reactionary ideology to the church becoming cold and calloused to Jesus' calls for true discipleship. LT has a great deal of really good ideas that cannot be dismissed simply because of the Marxist overtones. I believe with the South American political climate becoming increasingly leftist, we'll see a resurgence of Liberation Theology.
If you want some good primary source material for Liberation Theology, I suggest reading:
Gustavo Gutierrez, A Theology of Liberation: Perspectives

Jon Sobrino, Christ the Liberator and Jesus the Liberator

I'll post more about this in the near future. Also, one of my professors did his dissertation on Liberation Theology's Christology (which I read last fall for a bit of an intro to the subject), so I may see if I can get him to write up a guest post about Sobrino, his ideology, and perhaps where he sees Sobrino and LT going in the next few years.


Chris Tilling said...

Great. I'll be starting Sobrino's Christology work soon.

Chris Tilling said...

By great, I don't mean his censure of course, but your forthcoming posts!

One of Freedom said...

That is sad, I have been studying LT extensively this year and feel that it is still quite an important methodology. I was under the impression that most of the LT was already suppressed in Latin America. I'm not as familiar with Sobrino as with Gutierrez and the brothers Boff.

BTW I arrived here via CT's blog. Looking forward to following your progress.

Josh McManaway said...


Welcome! I think Chris may have overdone it with the "sharp mind" bit on his blog, but I'll try not to disappoint.

One of Freedom said...

Chris is quite the character, he must be from Nottingham or at least drank the water there!

Anariel said...

Interesting...I go to a Jesuit college and though I haven't taken a class in LT yet, my professors--especially the ones who are Jesuits--bring LT into many of my classes. I've very much enjoyed learning about LT and it is really too bad that Sobrino is being censured.

Josh McManaway said...


Indeed. Granted, I don't agree with his Christology, but there's a lot that Liberation Theology as a whole has to offer.