Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yet another blog on the blogroll...

I decided to take a bit of a break from reading Joel Marcus' The Way of the Lord: Christological Exegesis of the Old Testament in Mark (as I'm meeting with him tomorrow and I'd like to have something to say other than, "Golly, you sure are smart, mister! Ahyuck.") and I stumbled across this blog titled "Dunelm Road". The author is a postgraduate student over at Durham and a former graduate student at Dallas Theological. He has a ton of great information for Americans who are considering pursuing their Ph.D in the UK.


Mike Aubrey said...

I've linked to that sight on my google reader. Thanks!

By the way (I'm the guy who answered your Greek question abou Romans 3.23), you're not alone being an undergrad student.

I'm also 22 and a senior and Moody Bible Institute and happened to have similar thoughts to yours a few weeks ago about how few undergrads there are blogging, so I started my own blog. Stop by some time:


Josh McManaway said...

Great!! Welcome! I really like your blog...very professional looking. I'll add you to the blog roll.

Ben said...

I guess the stars lined up right, b/c you highlighted my blog just at the same time Chris highlighted yours. My daily traffic has more than tripled since then. It's actually scary to think. I can't just write dumb stuff when people might actually read it!

Anyhow, hope you find it helpful, and I'm always happy to address any questions about the UK or whatever else.


Josh McManaway said...


Thanks for stopping by! I've considered doing my Ph.D in the UK, but I (like most other students) am certainly not "rolling in it" monetarily. I've been told the UK is significantly more expensive due to the lack of scholarships.

And I'm glad I could help out! People probably read a few sentences off of my blog, figured nothing good was to be found here, and found your blog.