Sunday, April 1, 2007

True Scholarship

Too often commentaries are released that are inadequate, not able to cover the breadth of Scripture. Well, thanks to Eisenbrauns, the age of wimpy commentaries is over! Take a gander at this!

To further this end, we are introducing a major new commentary series, Major Studies on Minor Biblical Books. The introductory volume, available now, is the biblical book of Obadiah, verse 1. This 500 page volume, lavishly illustrated with extensive charts and full color plates, concentrates on the overlooked importance of verse 1 in the canonical process and its implications for the entire biblical corpus, indeed for all theological undertakings. U. Will B. Bore, ed. for the series, expresses the purpose of the series very clearly, "We feel that in an age of inclusiveness and pluralism, it is only fair to examine the importance of these frequently overlooked biblical books. We are delighted that Eisenbrauns has agreed to publish this milestone in biblical studies."

Work on Volume II has already begun, which will include a whopping 479 pages on Obadiah 1:2.


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