Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I recently did an interview with Michael Halcomb of Pisteuomen. Please do check it out. I feel like a real Biblioblogger now....interviews and everything. Also, he's doing an exciting series on Mark that's an interesting read.


Edward T. Babinski said...

Hi Josh,
I live relatively near to Wake Forest, i.e., Greenville, S.C., and I've come to know Chris of Chrisendom (and left quite a lot of comments at his blog, and he's been very nice in thanking me for having left them). I saw your interview mentioned there. I read it. We have a lot in common. I was a huge C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton fan when I was an undergrad. Have you also read N.T. Wright's article on C. S. Lewis in which Wright points out what's wrong with Lewis's "Liar, Lunatic, or Lord" trilemma argument?

During my final year of college I met Bob Price, whom Prometheus Books readers know as "Dr. Robert M. Price," who at that time had moved from being raised a hellfire and brimstone preaching Baptist to being a fan of Paul Tillich. I discussed the N.T. with Bob over the phone, in letters, during his "Heretics Anonymous" meetings at Montclair State College (Bob was a campus minister there, pursuing his first master's degree. He eventually wound up with two Ph.D.s--in N.T. history and theology--from Drew, his mentor being Clark Pinnock an "open theologian" and member of the Evangelical Theological Society). After studying a number of books Bob (and another former fundamentalist friend suggested), my own views grew increasingly more moderate, though that's just the short version of my story. A longer version was published in Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists, a work I edited years later. Here's a longer version.

At any rate, best wishes in your continued studies. Maybe I'll see you over at Chris's blog.

Edward T. Babinski

Josh McManaway said...

First off - I'll thank you 1,000 times over for visiting my blog (Take that, Tilling! I'll out-nice you any day of the week!).

Secondly, thanks for the articles. I read the last link you gave me. It was certainly interesting. And I've read Wright's critique of Lewis awhile back. Thanks again for posting a comment!