Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Book Reviews

After speaking with the master of all book reviews, Chris Tilling, I have decided that I want to do a full-out book review on the blog. Granted, I don't think I have the time or mental faculties to write one as long as his series on Bauckham's Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, but I would like to go section-by-section through a book and critically review it. I figure this will be a good stretch of the mental muscles and will perhaps be the practice swings I take before writing real reviews in grad school (one of my goals). So.....for one, I'd like any advice you have. Secondly, out of the two books by Dr. Bock or the E.P. Sanders books listed below, which would you like to see me review? You didn't know you'd have so much control over it, did you? Well, there you have it. It's like an episode of American Idol. Vote for your favorite contestant.

A side note: I was going to put either Zwingli or Bultmann as an option too, but I figured they would just be the Sanjaya of the competition. (Kidding, Jim!)


T Michael W Halcomb said...

The Hauerwas book. I find myself leaning in that direction more and more and more all of the time.

Soul Patrol forever baby!

Brian F. said...

Either Hauerwas or Bock.

I haven't really been doing a book review per se but I have been putting up various quotes and things as I am reading through Philip Yancey's latest book on Prayer. More food for thought than a review per se. I realize too he is not a theologian per se but I like his style of writing for more devotional stuff and for a different perspective than just academic writings.

T Michael W Halcomb said...


Hey, I think I'm going to do a few short interviews with the authors of the 4 or 5 blogs I frequent most often. Would you be interested? Let me know. You can email me at:

halc dot fortydp at mailcity dot com


Josh McManaway said...

Michael - I'd be delighted to, but the email you've given doesn't seem to work.

T Michael W Halcomb said...


that is the right email, i'm not sure what the problem is. if you can give me your email addy; i'll contact you!

Josh McManaway said...


Patrick George McCullough said...

I'm a couple days late here, but out of the options you mention, I would definitely say Sanders. Sanders' Jesus and Judaism would get my vote. It's important to analyze the "classics."