Sunday, December 2, 2007

Aprl DeConick puts National Geographic Society in a Headlock

Feel the wrath of Dr. DeConick here.


View from Here said...

I read DeConick's excellent article on the Judas fiasco yesterday in the New York Times. I was particularly interested in what she said about the Dead Sea Scrolls:

"The situation reminds me of the deadlock that held scholarship back on the Dead Sea Scrolls decades ago. When manuscripts are hoarded by a few, it results in errors and monopoly interpretations that are very hard to overturn even after they are proved wrong."

From what I understand, the consequences of the Scrolls monopoly are indeed still continuing today, in a misleading exhibit taking place in a "natural history" museum in San Diego. See this article for details:

Thus, I would suggest that an important question confronting us today is whether so-called liberal Christian scholars -- by which I mean scholars of Christian faith who, like April DeConick, proceed in accordance with fundamental scientific principles rather than any religious agenda -- will part company with their Evangelical-minded colleagues and frankly condemn what is going on with the Dead Sea Scrolls in one museum exhibit after another.

Nathan Brasfield said...

I first read about this whole deal on Witherington's blog; it's good yet frustrating news at the same time...I'm a tad upset if it means that my edition of The Nag Hammadi Scriptures that came out this year has this not-so-well-translated Judas. I dunno Coptic...guess I should learn.