Monday, September 22, 2008

Translating back into Greek

Today in Greek class we had to prepare our translations for another section of Philostratus' Life of Apollonius. However, our professor had in mind a little something different. We had to give a simplified English translation of what was going on, then go back and re-translate it into Greek. This was honestly one of my favorite activities. I give a huge thanks to David Alan Black and his "Learn to Read New Testament Greek" along with my Greek professor at Southeastern - memorizing paradigms made this exercise significantly easier.

Without any accents or breathing marks (can someone point me to a tutorial on how to type those out?) here's what we wrote for one part:

εστι πηγη Διος εγγυς τη Τυανα, και καλουσι αυτο Ασβαμαιον. αυτη μεν εστι ψυχρα,
παφλαζει δε. ιαοται μεν ευορκους, βλαπτει δε επιορκους. υδωρ ποιει τους νοσμους
τοισισδε και ομολογουσι.

Free high five to anyone who can translate that without all the accents and such.


mike aubrey said...

Logos Bible Software has some great keyboards for typing Greek and a pdf instruction book too on usng them:

Chiou Lao Shi said...

A foolproof way to type a little Unicode Greek on screen:


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